Liwliwa Zambales: Up North Where Tired Souls Meet

When was the last time you did something spontaneous? When you just decided to pack your stuff to escape the city and go somewhere off grid.

 Last Saturday, I was supposed to be  tucked in bed all day wrapped in my fleece blanket and probably watching some Korean series until my spirit squad insisted that I join them on a road trip after declining a week before the invitation. I knew deep inside I was gonna go anyway because who can ever resist the calling of an adventure? So right after my shift at work I packed my bag and disconnected myself from the chaotic city.

Dawn patrol at NLEX superhighway. Wew!

Dawn patrol at NLEX superhighway. Wew!

This time we went to Liwliwa, San Felipe Zambales which is a 5-6 hour drive away from Manila.

Life can be hard sometimes but that doesn't mean you should hide from the world. Life was meant to be lived outside anyway.

That short-lived moment when Liwliwa had a sandbar. It was just amazing to see something unfamiliar in a place you once called home.

You'll never know what's waiting at the end of the road if you do not step outside and keep going.

Just a little reminder when you are feeling down and hopeless: go outside and wander. Adventures are the best therapy for the mind, body and soul. Do not forget to live passionately and stay curious. There is so much out there waiting for us. Do not settle wild hearts.  Have a great day!

Special shoutout to my spirit squad:

Photography: Ivan Mark Aro 

Co models:  Zeti Cuenca | Khaezel Espiritu

Roadtrip Navigator: David Banaag