The Prologue


It's funny how one spontaneous decision can ignite a side of you that you never knew existed.

One moment I was signing up for a surfing lesson despite hating the beach and not knowing how to swim,  the week after I was already craving for new adventure.

A lot has changed in three years ever since that surf trip in Baler last 2013. I was no longer that girl who'd spend her money on clothes, shoes and make up. No longer the girl who would always have time for a mani pedi and monthly hair appointments. No longer the girl who hated the beach. No longer the play-it-safe kind of girl.


I'm now the girl with unkempt hair, uneven tan lines and a few bruises here and there that I got from a previous trip.

I wouldn't really care if I was repeating my clothes if it meant having more funds for traveling. Why go to a salon when I can just DIY and most importantly why say no to a new experience?  Yep, a lot has changed.

I live for the days when I'm out of breath from chasing sunsets, catching waves, and conquering such great heights that I never thought I am capable of. I live for the nights when I'm drunk on indigo skies overflowing with stars.


Yes, work is essential as it fills our pockets and it pays the bills but adventures fill the soul.

Life itself is an adventure.

So here I go trying to document my adventures and life experiences in the hopes of lighting a fire, igniting spark or starting a riot. To leave your comfort zones.To live your life to its full potential. To wander.

Welcome to the tip of my iceberg.