And so I went up north: Zambales


It's all fun and games until you've hit your late 20s and start to have all these life crisis dilemmas and sentiments. I was peter pan no more.

You start asking yourself, ' am I doing the right thing?" or like "am I where I am supposed to be?", "what am I doing with my life really?".  Sometimes I wish life came with a manual called "How To Deal With Life For Dummies" or something like "How To Make  Decisions The Adult Way". And what do I do at times like this? I run as far as I can (but not in the literal sense!)

  Moving to another country is no joke! There is so much to do and on top of that I had a 3pm - 12 am work schedule. So you can imagine that I was S T R E S S E D  A F. Even sleeping throughout the weekend did not energize my burnt out soul. I knew I had to go somewhere.

The beach has always been my sweet escape out of Manila. Good thing I have a friend who is always game for a weekend trip on a very short notice (Hello Khaez!). We headed up north to LiwLiwa, Zambales.

Since I was so busy with my paperworks and my actual work, we spent the entire bus ride catching up on each other's lives which led to some discussions about the milennials today and the death of delayed gratification. We want to do everything and have everything so instantly that we do not appreciate the journey or the process of getting what we want anymore. My god this dicussion then led to us deciding to not go directly to the beach and instead hike a mountain in San Antonio. Ha! See what we did there? Delayed gratification!

We hiked in our bikinis at 12 noon with no one to guide us. We took  a lot of wrong turns, stop overs, nap time and pep talk; I cried, cursed and tantrumed my way to the unbeaten path of the mountain - up to now I am still amazed that we made it out alive! 

We definitely do not want to hike our way back to town so we asked the local boatmen if we could ride with them and they said yes on one condition: we should join their boat trip to the islands with their customers. At first we didn't want to go to the islands because we were so tired but we ended up enjoying the trip anyway because we are mermaids. Enough said!

Always find time for the things that make you feel so happy to be alive.

These are the moments that I live for.The moments when you fall on a muddy trail, get a few scratches and you just do not care. The moments when your supposed to be sun drenched chill swim at the beach turned into a rainy traverse to the mountain and islands.  The moments when give yourself into the earth and it will gift you with golden afternoons and majestic views. The moments when you are just laying on the beach, watching dogs enjoy the sun and surfers paddling hard to catch some waves.  Life at its finest moments. This is Zambales.


More To Come,