Taipei in 48 Hours

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So what do you do when there is a seat sale for a flight to Taipei but the trip will only last for 48 hours? I say hell yeah and book that flight! 

As part of our tradition, my bestfriend and I go out of town or out of the country to celebrate our friendship #BFFgoals. Loljk. 

 (Last year we went to Cambodia, check out our trip here).

It was quite a short trip but we definitely made the most out of it and managed to go to the places that we wanted to explore.

Here's a list of things you can do in Taipei for 48 hours:

Day 1

8 am Elephant Mountain

MRT Station: Xiangshan

Hike in the city because why not? It would take 20 - 30 minutes to go up Elephant Mountain and the view is amazing! Be sure to go there early before it gets too crowded.

10 am Longshan Temple

MRT Station:  Longshan


Longshan is one of Taipei's oldest temple which was build in 1738 which you should not miss out when you are in Taipei! Rest assured that all through out the day this temple is flocked with worshippers who pay tribute to different gods. This temple is a sacred place for Taoists, Buddhists and Hindus. There are 7 gods to pay tribute to and the ritual was pretty interesting. You can read more about the ritual in Heather's blog!  

10:30 am Chill outside Longshan Temple

It would probably take an hour to go around Longshan Temple so you would probably want to hit pause and just chill , buy some food or drink. There are lots of stalls and shops outside the temple to choose from.


11 am Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

MRT Station:  Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall 

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The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a national monument built in memory of the former president of The Republic of China. Just this year the Ministry of Culture announced that they plan to transform the hall into a national center for facing history, recognizing agony, and respecting human rights.


MRT Station: Longshan 

RUUX5464 (1).jpg

After hiking, going on a temple ritual and taking some photos, you would probably be hungry. Very hungry. Since me and my best friend are the epitome of frugal backpacking, we went back to Longshan station and went to the market beside the temple for some cheap but great selection of food. Fried squids, dimsums, braised beef pot rice, noodles - name it, this market has it!

2 PM Fujin Street

Nearest Station: Songshan Airport / Nanjing Sanmin 


Did you know Taipei is also known for their hipster streets and third wave coffee shops? Yes? Good for you! No? Well now you know!

As much as we love the traditional and historical landmarks, we went to Fujin street to enjoy the hippy side of Taipei. I gotta say the floors and walls of this street is just so instagram worthy. The perfect spot for your OOTD shots and what nots!

We spent so much time taking photos that we didn't have the time to check out the cafes, so I hope that when you get there you can try out the cafes and let me know which one is good hehe!


MRT Station: Dahu Park 


Taipei has a lot of interesting parks to choose from and one of them is Dahu Park. What we liked about this place is that it is filled with so many locals doing different things like having a picnic, skating, playing frisbee, and selling bubble guns. Yup, the bubble guns were a big factor!


MRT Station: Taipei 101


The super tall skyscraper in Xinyi District - need I say more? There are two things you should not miss in this building:

1. Din Tai Fung  Restaurant 

2. Happy Lemon in the food court

okay we have this in the Philippines but much to our surprise, they had fewer selection of drinks which were different from what we have back at home and are so delicious!

Taipei 101 view from the Elephant Mountain

Taipei 101 view from the Elephant Mountain


MRT Station: Jiantan

PGSG8314 (1).jpg

The ever so popular night market in Taipei! Again there are so many stalls to choose from and I highly recommend you to go here early, even before 6pm, because this is where people mostly go for their dinner.


We decided to take KK day's day tour to Jiufen, Yehliu and Shifen because as much as we wanted to DIY the trip, it was going to cost us more if we did. Plus we are clumsy and a magnet to mishaps so having this day tour would prevent us from getting lost and wasting our already limited time!

We all met at 9am in the Taipei Main MRT Station and started our trip to Yehliu.

10 AM Yehliu


Yehliu Geopark is the home of the rock formations located in the town of Wanli.

It was a breath of fresh air to see these geological formations! Yup, we cosplayed during this day trip! You'll find out why and who we are cosplaying later (if you don't already know)!



Shifen is a very popular location for locals and travelers because of the old Shifen railway station and Shifen waterfalls.

The Shifen railway station is a great place to grab some snacks, super cheap but good bubble teas and souvenirs. You can also light up some lanterns here. Oh by the way, this railway station is still active so every 10 minutes we had to get out of the railway because there's an incoming train!

Shifen Waterfalls

Shifen Waterfalls


The bath house from Spirited Away!

The bath house from Spirited Away!

FINALLY, the last leg of the day trip which is the ever so famous Jiufen mostly known for the anime called Spirited Away!

Jiufen was a gold mining mountain during the Japanese occupation which was decommisioned and has now been turned into prime tourist spot or a maze of history and culture as I would describe it! 


MRT Station: Taipower Building

We opted for a less crowded market for our last night in Taipei and it is a good thing that we chose Shida Market! Warning: this market is more suitable for the ladies (hello skincare and hipster clothes!) You can also find one of the best xiao long bao here - which only costs 12 NTD for 10 pieces!

Additional Notes:

1 Taipei MRT Card

For 280 NT - you can get the 2 day Taipei MRT Card - for 2 days you will have unlimited trips to any MRT station

2 Where To Stay

Believe it or not me and my bestfriend were staying at two different hostels because it was cheaper!

Work Inn Hostel near Main MRT Taipei Station

Work Inn Hostel's Common Area

Work Inn Hostel's Common Area

For 10-15 USD per night you get to enjoy the wifi, washing machines with dryers, hot/cold shower and your bed has it's own television with headphones! Amen.

3 Wifi Everywhere

We were supposed to rent a wifi packet but then we found out that there are a lot of hotspots in the Taipei mrt stations, malls, parks etc so we made the most out of that!

4 That White Umbrella

We didn't have any check in baggage and it turned out to be rainy during our Taipei trip so we decided to buy the white umbrella. It is so useful and awesome for photos!

Sulit 100 pesos ko!



It's so good to be back or to write again. It has been awhile and I am trying to catch up with my posts as much as possible so yay. Thanks for reading! :)

Struggling in a good way,


Ganda ng awra ko dito kaso si ate sumama pa!

Ganda ng awra ko dito kaso si ate sumama pa!