Photowalk Diary: Exploring Berlin

You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.’

— Franz von Suppé, Austrian composer, 1800

Ahhhh Berlin! I cannot pinpoint exactly what keeps me going back to Berlin but if there is one thing I've learned it is that to embrace the city with an open heart and open mind.

I have spent two weekends in Berlin and I must say it is one of the most dynamic places I have seen. It boasts of its lively and artistic community; They have a huge selection of internationally known museums and art galleries - they say Berlin has more museums than rainy days (180 museums to be exact). You do not even need to go to a museum, ust walk around the city and you will definitely see some interesting streets, buildings and even artists at work. They are also well known for their night life scenes - I have not been to one though because everything starts at midnight #imsuchagranny

The first time I arrived in Berlin I was welcomed with different nationalities who moved to Berlin for studies, work and some for the carefree lifestyle. I didn't need to worry about how I only knew "Hallo"  because everyone can speak in English. And much to my surprise I found out that Berlin consists of people from 185 nationalities( if you are wondering how I knew the digits, it was mentioned in one of the free walking tours I accidentaly joined).  Imagine, only 1/4 of the entire population in this city were actually born in Berlin.

There is never a dull day in this city. There is also never a lonely day here too. After just a weekend I understood why people wnat to move here. Berlin accepts and welcomes everyone no questions asked!


I spent the weekend strolling around the city center and observing the people as always.


I love taking photos of people who are just living their lives out there. Look at this kid enjoying the bubbles!


Just one of the many people who are singing their heart out on the streets. I enjoyed her La Vi En Rose cover. <3


Somewhere in Museum Island. This is probably the favorite prenup venue for couples. The second time I was here, there was also some wedding outtakes in this place!


The only reason I took this photo is because I saw that they were tan. I miss the sun and my brown skin!


And of course I went to one of the museums here. If you are a sucker for Greek mythology and Egyptian artifacts then this is a must see museum for you. Neues Musuem reeks of neoclassical architecture built in 1843.


On my way to the U Bahn for the free wifi. Yep I am that type of backpacker.


East Side Gallery - 1.3 km of 101 paintings by artists from 21 countries!


Granny was kind enough to pause for awhile before crossing the street so I can take a photo of her.


Was too tired of walking so I decided to rest here. Somewhere in Kreuzberg!


The infamous Gorlitzer Park!


I am not done with you yet Berlin. See you again soon!