Places I've Seen: Budapest

Budapest, Budapest, Budapest oh where do I begin? To be honest I didn't know about Budapest until George Ezra released a song named after it (My house in Budapest my, my hidden treasure chest, golden grand piano - does this ring a bell?). It started when I was looking for cheap flights to go to Rome and to fly from Prague would cost a whole lot so I tried to search for other options and found that Budapest was the best choice.

With less than 24 hours in Budapest, I didn't even bother making a detailed itinerary. I just asked the host of our Airbnb flat, Veronika,  for some suggestions on where to eat and where to go and she was very helpful!

What can I say, Budapest stunned me the moment we stepped out of the train station. There is just something about Budapest that is raw and rustic and I kind of like it. Less tourists, no plans, just a bunch of girls craving for sights and food!


One of the must go to streets in Budapest is Király Street. The cab driver who took us to our flat told us that this is where most youngsters go to because it has a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from that are open until midnight. Of course we decided to go straight to this street after unpacking our stuff.

One of the recommended places by out host is   Belvarosi Disznotoros  in Király utca 1/D. This is a must especially if you are a pork, beef and rice lover!

One of the recommended places by out host is  Belvarosi Disznotoros in Király utca 1/D. This is a must especially if you are a pork, beef and rice lover!

Király Street is a bit of a long stretch in Budapest. I think we spend most of our time here to pause and just breathe in the lovely view. Every building is unique in its own way. I would say it's not as pretty and clean as Prague but that's what makes it more interesting. Unfiltered and just raw af! 

The infamous Chain Bridge that connects Buda & Pest built over Danube River. We didn't have any tour guides here but I do have an app that just explains a bit about Budapest. It's fascinating how two cities separated by one narrow river can have two unique personalities. Buda was a city build on top of hills and offers great panoramic views of the 2 cities. This is also where you will see the Hapsburg Palace and thermal spas built by the ancient or previous elites. Meanwhile Pest is a flat land which may not have a grand castle or palace, but offers a variety of cafes and restaurants. Most tourists would say, "visit Buda but stay in Pest." - which I definitely agree to! (Reference: CNN).

My photos look like crap but I swear that Budapest is one of the understated cities in Europe. It's sad that we have less than 24 hours here but if you have a chance to stay in Budepest, here are the must not missed places (that we missed) lol.

In Kiraly Street: Belvarosi Disznotoros (Dizno means pig just sayin!); Rumpus Tiki Bar (best mojito and pina colada ever)

Gozsdu-udvar - night life scenes (pubs, karaoke and good food)

Thermal baths - Széchényi Fürdő (please check their schedules!) 

Vaci Utca - shopping street for the shopaholics

Then of course don't forget to cross the bridge and visit Buda side. It would be better to go around this area in the morning.


Adios Amigos,