On Being Better This 2018


It's  2018 and you know what that means, it's time for new year's resolutions! I do know about you but something about this year makes me feel really hopeful and optimistic!

I have set my new and improved list of goals for 2018 that I wanna seriously aim to accomplish, but first let me just recap what happened last year.

Honestly it felt like I was just drifting my life away last year. I was barely living. 2017 was an extension of my 2016 - it was very dark.

I was so consumed by the darkness that I stopped doing the things that I love.

I spent the year sulking in bed and it felt like everyone around me have moved forward while I couldn't because let's face it, I had issues with letting things go. Not to mention the world events that had happened that triggered more of my anxieties. And to top it all off, my dog died on the very last day of the year..

But despite the dark days, there were some good days as well. My sister went home and I finally spent more time with her this time along with my other siblings. I traveled to Taiwan with my best friend on a short notice but we were able to push through! I went to Europe earlier last year and I moved to Warsaw in the later part of the year. That I guess was the major plot twist of 2017. 

This year I decided it is time to pick myself up and get back to my natural vibe by aiming for my goals this year:

1. Be more active - start running, rekindle my love for badminton, really commit to yoga ( I need my inner peace)

2. Be more productive - more content for the blog, more collaborations, make time for photography, try something new

3. Be healthy - because by the end of last year I ended up in the emergency room getting 2 allergy shots in the ass with colds too. 

4. Go to the places I have been dying to go to! It's okay to go to random places because I have never been there but this year I want to go the cities that I've longed to go to for a long time now. 

5. Make time for family & friends and stay in touch!

6. Read more books!

7. Stop being hard on myself. Who cares if I submitted the wrong project in R or if I did something embarassing in the office? We are only human so yolo.

I am really feeling myself becoming better this year and I am foreseeing some great adventures as well especially now that I am living in a new city - there are a lot of opportunities for new discoveries. All iz well. Happy new year folks!


Surviving The Winter Season,