Croatia - Off the virtual grid.


FYI: You will not get any info about Croatia here.

So what happened in Croatia? Where was I during the long labor day? Why was I not online for more than 24 hours on facebook messenger? Why are there no IG stories, tweets, Facebook posts flooding through your timeline about my oh so wonderful trip? Well

My classmate invited me to go on a roadtrip to Croatia and how can I say no? I can't even remember the last time I went to the beach or went to another country in the past months. But now that I have obtained my residence card - Andi is free to roam wherever she wants.

The Struggles

In my 27 years of existence (Sept. 16, 2018:I just turned 28) I can conclude that change and mishaps are the only constant things in this world. This trip wasn't flawless and I didn't expect it to be. I have always had some struggles prior to the trip but the funny thing is that it's always different every time! 

2 hours before the trip

 I am packed and all set for this trip thanks to the help of my flatmate who reorganized my stuff (by reorganize I mean removing the unnecessary stuff such as having a variety of skincare products and lip tints).

I went out for a short walk to grab myself a cup of good ol Starbucks Iced Chai Tea Latte (with soymilk) when dun dun dun dun - my phone died. I didn't even care when it died because I thought my battery was below 20% - but of course it had to be something worse that what I thought. It kept on flashing the Apple logo but never actually opened. After trying all the possible fixes I can find on google - nothing worked. I'm going to Croatia phoneless. The thought of having social media apocalypse and having zero connection to  the virtual word sent shivers down my spine. How will I survive? How will I even go to the meetup place without a phone?! 

1 hour before the trip

I bid my flatmates goodbye. I sent a message to my classmate to meet me at the metro station in 15 minutes and hoped I would actually see him there. After arriving at the metro by 12  midnight, he wasn't there. I waited for more than 15 minutes and no one showed up. I knew that we were supposed to leave Warsaw by 12 - I thought they already left or something. Silly me of course forgot to write down the numbers of the people going to this trip and desperate times call for desperate measures. I talked to some of the people who are waiting for the metro. Luckily I saw a guy and we had 4 minutes before the next train arrives so I explained my situation and kindly asked him if I can log in my facebook account to contact my friends and they were very eager to help. But of course I forgot my Facebook password so I had to recover it through my email and when I tried to log in to my email account - it was asking for  verification code that is sent to my phone - which is dead af and at home. Define stress. The kind stranger let me use his Facebook to contact my classmate. #blessed

5 days with no phone.

So how was I during those days in Croatia with no phone? It was surprisingly good. I finally had the time to read a book ( I read 3 in total during the trip). I was self reflecting most of the time. At first I was being anti social and spending time alone by the beach but I also started up to open up to my good company. I guess I realized that I spent so much time in social media that I forgot to interact with people in real life but then again I am usually shy during first meetings. I finally had time to catch up with my thoughts. Trust me my brain is a blackhole of all sorts of things that I was trying to supress and by the time I was in Croatia I finally decided to decipher them. It was so nice to just live in the moment, take photos and unwind without constantly checking my phone. I was soley focused on myself, with my surroundings and the now, rather than looking at what people are up to online. I have to admit I have a bad habit of overusing my phone because of Facebook/Instagram. It was such a toxic routine. It was nice to get the hell out of that online shizz and stop feeling bad about feeling bad, or not being able to do this or that. It just feels so good to not give a f*ck in general.

Photodumping all the great things that happened in Croatia.



Took a boat ride in Omis.


I want to try this zipline!


A must: Plitvice Lakes National Park



We stayed in Trogir and took a day trip to Omis & Split. Highly recommend this place:


We were a big group so we were able to cut the costs.

The currency in Croatia is Croatia kuna and food is pretty cheap (unless you go to some fancy restaurants) I would say 500kn is enough per day for food (and some beer).


Passport definitely. One of the crew (ehem let’s call him Shazam) left his passport and we got held off the border because Croatia is not part of the Schengen area. So if you are not an EU citizen, bring your passport. Also applicable to people who resident card holders. He had to ask someone to bring the passport and paid a fine of 200 Euros.

Thanks to this power couple for inviting me and letting me have a blast! Thanks to the new found friends as well! Hoping to rap Eminem songs in the next trip (but not the one this September). XD

Thanks to this power couple for inviting me and letting me have a blast! Thanks to the new found friends as well! Hoping to rap Eminem songs in the next trip (but not the one this September). XD

Brace yourselves, exams are coming,