She Barely Blogs These Days

"Is she even alive?"
 "She changed so much she barely posts anything online."

Heh. I know I haven't been contaminating the internet as much as I used to with my daily musings. Juggling work, school, Netflix, & travels takes a lot of hardwork. A few hours ago I was browsing through my earlier posts in this blog and it made me think how what changed? 2 years ago I was shooting ideas everywhere. I was so motivated and driven to tell my stories. Now I am not as highly motivated nor driven but I want to be that Andi again two years ago but better.

One of the things that I wanted for this blog is not only to share my thoughts, experiences and travels but also to connect with people who has the same passion be it in traveling or photography or something else.

The first time I arrived here in Warsaw I was craving for photowalks, Instagram meet ups, and all sorts of events where I can take photos and unleash my inner Andy Warhol but yeah it was tough. There were very few events unlike back in Manila. Surprisingly though while I was shopping in Arkadia, a guy with long beautiful blonde hair approached me. I couldn't understand him at first because he was speaking in Polish and your home girl here only knew "tak" and "nie". But with the help of Facebook I found out that he is studying photography and makes a lot of photo sessions. Yaz! My inner Andy Warhol was jumping for joy. I said yes without any hesitation.

As much as I want to be behind the lens, I want to be in front of it too but in a creative way. It's sort of like being part of the art. Plus it helps me cope with my childhood trauma. Back in kindergarten we had this annual portrait photo taken in school and I clearly remember my teacher saying to me not to smile because it looked awful in the photo to see my missing teeth. I was scarred for life folks. Maybe that's why I get really conscious about my smile.


I've opened a new category for my collaborations. I know, I know my blog is kinda behind schedule compared to the recent events but I am trying to catch up before July so yeah expect more collaborations in this site. Don't worry it's not gonna be my face next time.


Location: Saska Kepa

Photo & post processing by: Remi Urant


Look At Me Now Kindergarten Teacher,