About Andi Comia

Born from the tropics, Andi is a 20-something Filipina who can never stay in one place. She works as a full time SAP Consultant and still manages to escape the realm of her corporate world to go on epic adventures. Her life has been a mix of work, travel and a bit of misadventures in between.

Last August 2017, Andi decided to move to  Poland to pursue her studies and open a new chapter in her life. Since then her life has changed drastically, from island hopping on weekends to train/bus hopping going to different cities within Europe. 

Through out the years Andi has always kept an online journal (hello blogspot / site that will never be mentioned due to embarassment) to document her thoughts, life experiences, and passions. Last 2016, Andi decided to create this space as an extension of her Instagram to express herself and her thoughts into words as well as to share her travels and experiences. This site is also created to promote living life to the fullest & collaborating with other people.